Beaches in Newcastle NSW

Beaches in Newcastle NSW

Beach HolidayNewcastle is one of the best beach holiday destinations in Australia. There are several beaches in the area to suit different preferences. Here are some of the leading beaches in Newcastle NSW and for cheap accommodation in Newcastle NSW please go to or

Bar Beach

This is an ideal family beach. Bar beach has a lifeguard service and a sheltered area, making it ideal for kids. It is also a great place for jogging and walking. The beach has a kiosk and picnic tables where you can enjoy your packed meals.

Dixon Park Beach

It is a great surfing spot and is quite popular among locals. Dixon Park beach is close to a park where you can enjoy a picnic after surfing. This is one of the beaches in Newcastle NSW that offers lifeguards throughout the week.

Nobby’s Beach

This beach is great choice for families and surfing beginners. Nobby’s beach also attracts several kite surfers. It is located close to other Newcastle attractions including Nobby’s Lighthouse and Harbour Break-wall. You can access it from Newcastle coach terminal and train station.

Stockton Beach

It is located a short ride from Newcastle and offers great views of Port Stephens and Stockton Bight. Stockton beach has relatively sheltered waters and this makes it a great option for families and those who want to learn how to surf. It is also a good fishing spot. You can get some beachfront accommodation and camping close to the beach.

Newcastle Beach

This beach offers a great surfing location. Newcastle beach is especially popular among board riders. It is also close to Time Tunnel Mural, one of the historic attractions in the area. The beach can be accessed by bus or train.

Merewether Beach

This beach is home to Mark Richards, a world champion surfer. Merewether beach offers great conditions for professional surfboarders. It is also located close to historic attractions such as the Surf House and Ladies Rock Pool.

Nan Tien temple, Wollongong

Everyone would always love a place that will make them enjoy time and see very unique features. This is exactly what you will find at the Nan Tien temple, Wollongong. It is the best tourist attraction that enables you to enjoy quality time with loved one and friends. It is very spacious and will always give you the reasons to smile. Visit this elegant place this holiday and you will make your trip one to be remembered.

Where is Nan Tien temple, Wollongong?

Nan Tien temple, Wollongong is a complex Buddhist temple that is situated in the industrial area suburb of Berkeley. It is basically on the southern part of the Australian city of Wollongong. It was opened in 1995 and up to date, it has been ranked as the leading tourist attraction in Australia.

Why visit Nan Tien temple, Wollongong?

There are umpteen reasons why you need to visit this gorgeous tourist attraction this holiday. With the modish Chinese architecture and Buddhist architecture, you will get to enjoy your visit as you get to see more than you may expect. Below are some of the reasons why you need to travel to Nan Tien temple this holiday.

Grandeur architecture

This is the leading tourist attraction when it comes to attractive and stylish architecture. You will see both the Buddhist and Chinese architecture that you will definitely love. Besides these, you will also love the culture and arts of exhibition and festivals. Get to enjoy your holiday at this spectacular place and you will have the best holiday ever.

Top notch accommodation and security

Besides the elegant features, you will also enjoy yourself as you will be accommodated in the best rooms. There are top class auditorium and class conference facilities that you can always use for business meetings. The security is very tight hence you are guaranteed a safe holiday. The hotels and restaurants will always provide you with mouth-watering meals that you will definitely love. The place is open seven days a week. This is the place to be this holiday.

These are some of the myriad number of reasons why you need to visit Nan tien temple, Wollongong. It offers you a unique experience that will make your visit very fantastic. For cheap hotel bookings try Cheap Hotels Wollongong or

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